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Nationals 08ariat boot pic! my boots!classie picture

sweet going to be attending

There he will be studying Sports Medicine Athletic Training

Basic Information:
Birthday: Sept. 8, 1990 Best past time(s): Winning the State Bull Riding title twice (working on third), having a pretty successful HS career, and scoring in football at RB or QB!
Hobbies: Hanging with friends, making people smile, meeting new friends, having fun, hunting, long walks on the beach (JK), Rodeo, other fun sports, and eating food!!!!

"It's not how hard you hit but how hard you can take a hit and keep moving forward!" said by Rocky Balboa
(& Tory Shane)!



My favorite Author:
Dr. Seuss



Favorite Song(s):
Beautiful by Akon and Chicken Fried by
Zac Brown Band

Yep Im bad A!


My favorite color:


I got an Egg! I got an Egg!


My Favorite food:

KFC, Chinese, and Pizza.

football 08-09

Nicknames: REBEL,
The Wizard Weiser, Eman,
Fast Indian, Bud Weiser, and The Ron!

arlington jackpot

My Favorite sport: Probably have to say Rodeo

Motorized bench


Favorite Hobbies:
Hanging with friends, Making people smile, and always having fun!

photo op with the two best neices!


Favorite Movies:
Any movie really except any soap operas!

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