Eric Foster

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walkin for mayday


im gonna get ya!

Nick names: E-rock Favorite food & drink: Sushi and Mountain Dew
Birthday: 5/19/93 Favorite quote: Live with no regrets
Favorite color: Blue Favorite movies: Tropic thunder
Favorite hobby: Skateboarding Favorite games: Fallout New Vegas
Favorite car: Toyota Tacoma Favorite celebrity: Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite author: John Ringo Favorite store: Zumiez
Goals and plans after high school: attend WOU and get a degree Favorite sport: Football
If you could have one super power, what would it be: to be invisible If you could take one thing from Mr.C's room, what would it be: parental advisory flag
What are your pet peeves: People invading my personal space Who is your hero/idol: Winston McCall

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