Kaitlynn Marie Marick

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Nick name: Chong Favorite food and drink: Chicken Enchiladas & Dr Pepper
Birthday: February 18th 1993 Favorite quote: "I Thought Hurricane Season Was Over"
Favorite color: Bright Yellow Favorite movie: The Labyrinth
Favorite car: Canary Yellow Porsche Favorite game: Mario party
Favorite author: Dean Koontz Favorite celebrity: Megan Fox
Goals & plans after high school: Beauty School/Open Salon Favorite store: Wal-Mart
if you could have one super power what would it be:  Teleportation Favorite sport: Ping Pong
What are your pet peeves: Liars Who is your hero/idol: My Mama
If you could take on thing from Mr. C's room what would it be: Hanging Legs

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