Lynsi Weed

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Full Name:
Nick Names: Speed Weed , Tumble Weed Favorite Food & Drink: Mountain dew, Chinese food
Birthday: 10/31/92 Favorite Quote: There's never a wasted hour that is spent in the saddle
Favorite Color: Orange Favorite Movie: 8seconds
Favorite Hobby: Working horses & on Cars Favorite Games: call of jurez, red dead redemption
favorite Car:1970 hemi cuda,1969 boss mustang favorite Celebrity: Christian bale
Favorite Author: I DON'T READ!!! Favorite Store: Ranch and home
Goals & plans after high school: Bmcc -Rodeo, Diesel tech & welding Favorite Sport: Rodeo
If you could have one super power, what would it be? FLY if you could take one thing from Mr. C's room, what would it be: Flamingo Kite
what are your pet peeves : I have a lot, I hate when people put their bare feet on dashboards in cars, I hate when people leave CD's out when they have cases...  who is your hero/idol? I'm going to have to say my mom because she has always been there  no matter what the situation.

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