Tory Josiah Shane

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Nickname: Torrance

Birthday: 5/26/93

Favorite color: lime green

Favorite hobby: skate boarding

Favorite car: mini van

Favorite Author: Kevin Smith

Goals & plans after high school: own skate shop

If you could have one super power, what would it be: Invisibility

Lookin good #37 

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What are your pet peeves: rude worthless people

Favorite food & drink: seafood, Dr. Pepper

Favorite quote: "more cushion for the pushin"

Favorite movie: anything with Seth Rogan

Favorite games: B.S

One leg touchdown!!!

Favorite celebrity: Seth Rogan

Favorite store: Any skate shop

Favorite sport: Skateboarding

If you could take one thing from Mr.C's room what would it be: His fake leg to make fun of paralyzed people

Who is your hero/idol: Helen Keller

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