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    Uhm, I am not sure if this is necessary

Ugh, let's get on with the party.Obviously looking back  Baby Tyler Everyone look at me, I graduated!!!!

Him and his sister, Sara

Mr. Jester Tyler

Nick Names: Hippie Grunge Cowboy Favorite Food & Drink:
 Mountain Dew
and Bacon burgers
Birthday:7/27/93 Favorite Quote:
Better to burn out than
fade away
Favorite Color: Green Favorite Movie: Platoon
Favorite Hobby: Writing Music Favorite Games:
Truth or dare and Farming game
Favorite Car:1969 Ford Mach I Mustang favorite Celebrity:
Favorite Author: J.R.R Tolkin Favorite Store: Anything good
Goals & plans after high school: Favorite Sport: Skateboarding
If you could have one super power, what would it be? Invincible If you could take one thing from
Mr.C's room,
what would it be:
His laziness sticker
What are your pet peeves: Slurping and chewing with your mouth open.  Who is your hero/idol?
 Kurt Cobain
Full Name: Tyler Jay Grady

Recieving his diploma 


Uh-oh Tyler, what did you do?


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