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Ricky D- Buggyfreaks BF thread here
1/2 inch Aluminum and Harbour Freight Pneumatic tires

Buggyfreak-Touchuptim's version using a HF jack
see his thread HERE- YES, they are available for purchase

1/2" Heim to adjust nose of jack up and down to
Keep the jack as level as possible under load


Contributors to this project

RickyD, Touchuptim, and Chance for inspiration
Ross Machine
Rod End Supply
Arlington HS

OUR jack... performance warehouse

welding up the frame (longer than jack)

Andrew mocking up the jack for the WEBCAM and the OSHA inspector.  We will see what HE thinks of it.

A bolt coupler (1/2") serves as a good
 threaded insert if you don't have one.
Mock-up check for level

gussets and support.

CHANCE-glamisdunes   GD thread here
Harbour Freight 3 ton lift with solid tires

OUR VERSION-Andrew's adaptation

5/8 bolt turned in lathe to slip into 1" tube
Increases stability of the "axle"
collar to hold at specific depth to weld

different lots of HF wheels are different size.
level side to side, wheels square with ground

moderate lift... increased width and
length for stability
rear posts/gussets/brackets still to come



testing on a 1/2 ton GMC pickup with a 4 inch suspension lift.... more air in the front tires and its ALL good
jack seems very stable.. does not want to pitch out in any direction



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