Up Build Team VW Bug IRS Transaxle Mount Motor Rebuild Bling & Vroom Frame II Frame III Engine Cage Spring Plates Electrical 1 Carb Rebuild TEST DRIVE I TEST DRIVE II TEST DRIVE III TEST DRIVE IV PAINT I PAINT II RE-ASSEMBLY FINISHED SHOWROOM SOLD 6-12 Trailer FAB Trailer FAB II

Rolled it out of the shoppe today!  NICE JOB Jake, Joe, Keisha, Josh, and Darcy.  Totally proud of my team!
The trailer is almost decked... should have picts of it up later tomorrow.  School is out in a few days... and the shop needs to be clean!  Go figure.
Thank you to Everett at for upgrading our classified ad to a featured ad and for all the support from TheSamba forum.

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last modified   09/13/2006