Arlington School District Launches new website package

I am stoked to announce the launch of our new website and mobile app package for Arlington School District!
Thank you Mr Hunking, Kelsi(a.k.a Little Rock), Monroe, Anneliese, Ethan,  and everyone else who helped make this transition to our new school website hosted at Apptegy.

Please download the Arlington School District MOBILE app from either IOS App store or the Google Play store for Android mobile devices.

DINING and some of the other time specific pages will be populated as the content is available.  EVENTS are tied to the official School calendar.  SPORTS are hosted at VNN and available from the ACTIVITIES pull down menu on our home page.

All school web content may be viewed directly from the home screen pull down menus or from the SEARCH option on the top right of our home page.

LIVE FEEDS and NEWS posts will also be viewable on our home page as well as on TWITTER (@allhonker) and Allhonker on Facebook.  Push notifications will come through your mobile app.

Keep Calm... and on!   MRC

#CovidProjects @allhonker #AdaCompliant