In order for us to continue to produce amazing projects like these we need your help.

The current economy has strapped many of our contributors to the point where they can't offer parts as donations or special pricing for the HonkerShop.

Our 2009 Acura rail project is nearing completion and due to school budgets, our funding has run out. we need approximately $2500 to finish the project and take it for field testing with the team.

We intend to take the 2009 Acura project to the sand in September for field testing and to see how our project compares with sandsport industry standards.

During the summer of 2009 we intend to enter the Acura project in a few car shows and generate interest in the future of our program.

These activities take money that our budget does allow.

This company has set up a website for online donations that are matched by vendors like east-bay and nike... our builders are also into sports. Online donations qualify you for discounts at many vendors that will EASILY recoup your generous donation. The image to the right is of the hardcopy letter sent to potential contributors. A print copy is available-email MRC with your information.