Financial Aid/Scholarships

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Opens Late December

Oregon Student Aid (OSAC) Opens November 1

Oregon Promise Grant - State grant that helps to cover tuition costs at any Oregon community college for recent high school graduates and GED® test graduates.  Due June 1

Local Scholarships

Pioneer Community Development Corporation Building Trades Scholarship Due December 1

NewSun Energy Climate and Ag Scholarship Due March 20th

Arlington Lions Club  Due April 1

Penny Gronquist Memorial  Due April 1

Raleigh T Curtis Memorial Scholarship (MCP) Due April 3

Columbia Gorge CC Foundation Scholarship  Opens February, Due April 15

Pat and Foster Odom  Due April 15

Red & Gena Leonard Foundation Due April 15

Yvonne Ericksen Memorial  Due April 15

Community Counseling Solutions Due April 15

Bank of Eastern Oregon (Contact AHS for details) Due May 1

Big Sky Scholar Athlete Due May 6

Oregon Women for Agriculture (Columbia Gorge Chapter)  Due May 1

Kaela Reser Memorial Scholarship  Due May 16

Arlington Educational Foundation Scholarship, including the Roy and Lizzy Evans Scholarship and Waste Management Scholarship Due May 20

North Gilliam County Health District Scholarship Due May 22

Arlington Transportation Scholarship Due May 30

Robert W. Cooke Educational Scholarship Due June 1 (Directions)

Pete & Mary Pattee Memorial Award Due August 4

Barbara Sitton Memorial Scholarship Opening TBA

State Scholarships

Beat the Odds Scholarships (Stand for Children) Due September 13

Oregon Wheat Growers   Opens November 1, Due February

The Ford Family Foundation Scholarships  Opens December 1, Due March 1

Oregon State Elks Association Vocational Grant Due March 1

COSA Scholarship  Due March 1

Clear Alliance Scholarship  Due April 10

Oregon Jaycee Foundation  (Contact AHS for details)  Due April

Pointe Pest Control Due April

Oregon Athletics Coaches Association Scholarship  Open January, Due TBA

Harrington Family Foundation   Open November 1

National Scholarships

Elks National Most Valuable Student Scholarship  Due November 13

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship Due November 16

Foundation for Rural Service (Oregon Telephone Company) Opens November 13

Hagan Scholarship  Due December 1

American College Foundation Due December 1

Elks Legacy Due February 5 Scholarship Search Platform

More Resources

*Revised October, 2023. Due dates are subject to change, and Arlington School District 3 is not responsible for date and/or scholarship changes.