horn button from Hecker Machine

horn button from Hecker Machine

  • 14" end load rack and pinion

  • Custom combo spindles

  • Front suspension by Jaxworks

  • Quick release steering wheel

  • Bolt-on Steering shaft housing

  • 3/4" steering shaft with 5/8" 36 spline U-joints

  • Hecker Machine horn button

  • custom steering end on custom JAXWORKS spindles


RACK MOUNT welded out

  • Cycle the front suspension and almost NO bumpsteer (bumpsteer= change in angle of wheels when the suspension cycles up and down)

  • bumpsteer was minimized by aligning the pivots of the rack with the pivots of the control arms.

  • Tie rods are parallel to the control arms on 'Y' and 'X'-axis and close on the Z-axis

  • steering arm angle calculated to point back to center of trans.